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Tofo in season again…

Fish, surf, cycle, snorkel, scuba, swim, suntan, shop, eat and party. Everything for everyone here in Tofo as the nicest season gets underway.
Families and foreign tourists line the beaches and in the market you can hear the buzz as seafood harvesters negotiate with vendors who negotiate with tourists and so on.
Yes, Tofo in March is special…and sets the tone for the next few months of idyllic weather and ocean conditions.
Fortunately it gets quite full here in March, but not overcrowded. A welcome change from the absolute quiet of February and it’s sweltering heat.
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The following pics were shot yesterday morning on Tofo Beach…

Joao Magulu is the best Natal Stumpnose hunter I have ever encountered. These fish he gets on handline in the shallow troughs down at Bamboozi and beyond.

Bicycles are great for cruising the beaches and streets of Tofo. At low tide you can ride to Barra and back with ease.

Sunbathing out front of Fatima’s Nest, a favourite for backpacker tourists.

You never what you might find on the ride to Barra!

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