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The President

Lobster John was the name the tourists gave him 10 years ago, when I first met Joao in Tofo town. He was hawking a huge Dorado that he had caught on the rowboat that morning.
He was wobbling a bit as his penchant for 2M beer was already reasonably satisfied with the other fish he had sold in the market just before.
He obviously also sold crayfish and anything else he caught ,to the tourists.
Nowadays though, he seldom launches himself, but can be seen daily hauling the crews catches across the sand to the market. This arduous task is performed with stoic pride and does not betray his elevated status within the community here.
He is like the retired admiral around here.
So Joao and I have known each other a long time
But he never ceases to amaze me. This morning on my daily pilgrimage along the long beach between Barra and Tofo, I came across the inimitable Joao, with these two fish. Amazing!
These are two grown up Natal Stumpnose!
But there’s more…check out his hand line!
Anyway a few photos and a check on his impeccably tied and presented bait…and a chat during which Joao proudly claimed his title – The President of the Ocean!

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  1. It even happens to the president…
    Crossing angles with Joao on the beach this morning…
    He just standing there staring into the sun, apparently flummoxed. King fish…is all he can mutter….
    His hand line gone.

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