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The Game Rangers

Bet they don't see too many of these in the game park...
Bet they don't see too many of these in the game park...

The Gamerangers

Captains Blog by Sean Lange

Renske caught 4 gamerangers swimming through the Tofo market, who were to be our first on the water, on our new boat. After the first guy lost a nice couta due to slack line, they came alive and banged a beautiful skipjack tuna. After all the years of not eating dark meat tuna, I am still astounded at the quality texture and taste these fish have. Braai or fry, but  well treated prime fillet steak is it’s nearest likeliness.

At one point, we were dragging a plastic blue kona whilst searching for bonnies, and looking ahead lo and behold, another marlin! And big. Now I am used to seeing a billfish far away and trying to present the lures, but never before have I had one dead ahead. All I could do was steer past it and as we overtook the fish, it presented itself right next to the boat for all to gawk at, speechless. Needless to say Mr Needlenose was totally uninterested as the kona bulleted right over it’s head behind us.

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