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Team Matola…!

Well what a weekend…
Captain Keith Cooke started the trouble by inviting crew members Bazza, Dave and Tinny to join us on a sailfish hunt. The sailfish got clean away but this nice Couta made Dave’s weekend (and ours). Mike Hutch joined us on the Sunday attack but three strikes missed and several sheets to the absolutely no wind meant for mombakkies.
The ocean has become marvelous again and yes there are plenty sailfish about, but we have had a slow time of it.
Maybe today is the day….

1 thought on “Team Matola…!

  1. What a weekend that was, at least Dave’s new policy of catch and release seems to be working, even if it was unintentional. Maybe his 6 cases of 2M each day had a wee bit to do with it.
    Dave, beers do not grow in the cooler box, when they are gone, they are gone mate.

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