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Staphylococcus Warning KZN December 2023

Staphylococcus Warning by The Sardine News

Staphylococcus Warning December 2023

Staphylococcus Warning December 2023: it has happened again. A popular and highly experienced Southern KZN angler was recently struck down. At Seapark. He was on the rocks, where he has spent most of his life. Got a tiny cut on his foot. Happened a thousand times before. Except this time, the smell of the ANC was in the air.


The sewage was pouring raw and untreated, into the ocean, just nearby. Our guy smelt the sewage. But he was on a mission trying to catch live bait.

He has now lost his foot.

This happened lightning-fast. Staphylococcus is mean stuff. You need to be vigilant at ALL times. Clean and disinfect any cut or scratch thoroughly. As it happens. Especially now at this time of the year. That the rains have come. And all the sewage in and around dysfunctional Harding is swept right to here. By the Umzimkulwana River.

Load-shedding is manslaughter now. It’s a crime against every single one of us. Who used to use the ocean, rivers and dams, for recreation as kids and even adults. And for supplying us, the population, with clean drinking water.

What load-shedding has done, and therefore directly the ANC, is turned the entire country into an open toilet. With deadly results.

Check this out…


Since everybody’s attention, including the Public Protector and the President, has been brought to the Harding problem, NOTHING has improved. ZERO. Sewage flows in the streets. Into the stormwater drains. And into the Farmers Dam and the Umzimkulwana River, on its merry way, laden thick with eColi and all sorts of pathogens. And bugs that have been festering in the Farmer’s Dam through the dry season. All of that, is on it’s merry way to the beaches of the KZN South Coast. Right now. Just as the hapless ANC victims – the tourists, arrive. To ZERO warnings.

This has been happening for many years now.

Blue Water Only

Do not go in murky water. No matter what beach you go to, if the water is even slightly discoloured, stay out of it. Luckily there are some beaches without pathogen-infested river mouths too close by. Like Umzumbe. And Hibberdene. Those beaches are the ones in the right location in the current and on the coast, to be reliably cleaner than all the others.

Uvongo and Margate, are right in the firing line. The sewage comes out of the rivers, mixes lekker in the waves, and gets taken south by the prevailing Agulhas Current. The onshore blows, and this contaminated water is pushed into the bays and coves (Uvongo in particular, has a very unfortunate geographical structure where this bad water gets trapped in that cove). RIght onto the unsuspecting tourists who receive ZERO warning about the dire state of the ocean right now as the rainy season fires up. Underberg, Hardind, Umzimkulu – ALL discharging straight into the Umzimkulu and Umzimkulwana Rivers. The same rivers our drinking water comes from?!

There are ZERO signs warning anyone anywhere. And then we have organisations and individuals far more engaged in the profit that they can make from the tourists, than caring for the tourist’s well-being and health. Advertising Blue Flag beaches and the like. Yet in the meantime, people are getting sick more and more. From exposure to the ANC government failures. A season or two back, I had 23 of 24 guests in hospital. From swimming in Uvongo Lagoon. Not one warning sign. Not even the lifeguards cared or bothered to warn these victims.

Imagine you go to a lodge someplace. And you head for the pool. But the pool is poisoned…and nobody warns you?!

Fast treatment

Staphylococcus is mean. Sometimes even completely resistant to treatment (MRSA). You need to clean any wounds, no matter how small, properly. Scrub. Disinfect. As and when they happen.

It is so complicated in that we all have Staphylococcus on our skins and in our membranes. All of us. But it’s when too much Staphylococcus gathers together, that it takes over the delicate balance that the body has. In effect, we can actually get sick from our own Staphylococcus. If we don’t wash. Treat wounds properly.

So you get a lesion. Your own Staphylococcus is there already but checked by the immune system. Then you overdose the wound with sewage-born Staphylococcus. And there you have it. You are in big trouble already. This stuff is going to try kill you. Seek treatment fast!

You literally don’t have time to do anything else except care for your wound. Minutes make a difference.

And it’s not limited to here in KZN. It’s wherever there is failed sewage infrastructure or too many animals defecating near or in the rivers. Wherever too much sewage is discharged unchecked into the environment. That’s where Staphylococcus is waiting for you.

Loadshedding does this. Every day. Every town. In the whole country.

Attempted manslaughter at the very least. And grand misconduct considering ZERO consideration for the visiting tourists. The lifeblood of our economy.

And fellow South Africans.

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The aloes are in bloom…

Which means, according to south coast folklore, two weeks ’til sardines. But the very warm water, hovering around 24 degrees, is likely to keep the sards away.
One thing it definitely means is…big surf…check out Uvongo yesterday…at 8ft plus yesterday.