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Scuba diving report from Tofo, Inhambane

Today was definitely in the top 5 diving days of the year so far! Started the morning off with a dive to Oasis. Good news is that the water is now a lovely blue again! We had 3 Reef Manta encounters, 2 huge Greater Hammerhead Sharks, 1 Grey Reef Shark, 1 Whitetip Reef Shark and also the beautiful Weedy Scorpionfish! The only downside on the dive was the water temperature, which was a chilly 20 degrees! Once again we had the Humpback Whales putting on a show for us, reverse breaching about 15 meters from the boat. Right so onto our next dive, we headed out to Galleria. Visibility on this dive was slightly less however this did not stop us seeing some amazing creatures down there. We saw a total of 3 Smalleye Stingrays, 1 absolutely huge Ragged Tooth Shark, 2 Sea Moths, a juvenile Ribbon Eel and schooling Bigeye jacks accompanied by some big Barracuda! Could not have asked for a better day! 🙂