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Dead fish on St Francis beach too

Boxfish dead on St Francis Beach

Dead fish on St Francis beach too

Dead fish on St. Francis beaches too: It’s not all good news here at The Sardine News. And it ain’t just KZN. These photos of a few beautiful boxfish were taken on a stretch along the beach in the St. Francis area. There is also a guitarfish. The only problem is that they are all on the sand. And definitely not swimming free out where they should be.


This is not normal. It’s not Mother Nature doing her thing. The boxfish are pelagic. They travel with currents across the globe. They hang out along haloclines. Where they are eagerly preyed upon. By Dorado (mahi mahi)…which is where I got a little beauty of a boxfish for myself. In a Dorado’s stomach after I had gutted one.

And Dolphins? Well they love these things. They mouth them and then spit them out. Where another dolphin takes hold. They pass them around?! Don’t ask why!

Red tides

Are caused by sewage discharge. Directly. We have been duped that the phosphor that glows in the foaming waves at night is cool stuff. Because it glows so lekka. It’s not. The phosphorus is inside the guts of the microbes that are processing the raw untreated sewage. These little guys consume all the oxygen in the water. It becomes eutrophic.

Fish die.


The guitarfish dead on the beach are not pelagic. They live here in this area. The boxfish drifted in from the deep and inadvertently found themselves close to shore. And in this eutrophic water. Where they all died together.

Red Flags

Taking a look on the satellite maps, there are some glaring red flags. That would lead to too much raw sewage making it’s easy way to the ocean. Either from little streams, or seepage. The sewage in some countries, like New Zealand, comes from their cattle industry. It doesn’t really what faecal matter goes into the water, the effect is the same. But here it’s highly likely the establishment of informal settlements. And the new developments along the beautiful coastline, causing the excess population.

It’s a non-stop onslaught on Mother Nature. The worst it’s ever been here in South Africa. The law means nothing here anymore.

Load Shedding

On a positive note, without load-shedding, the entire system in South Africa is slowly coming back online. And these red tide events might become a thing of the ANC’s tepid past.

Dreams are free!

More Water Woes (best said in Afrikaans) at the UGU Water Woes YouTube Channel right HERE.

By The Sardine News.