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Orcas in the line-up at Tofinho

Orcas in the line-up at Tofinho

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The line-up at Tofinho can be full of surprises…

In a spectacular National Geographic moment on the point at Tofinho, Dustin Volker and friends were treated to a visit by two huge free swimming Killer Whales, a few days ago!

Every year, as the humpback whales start migrating northwards up the East African seaboard, the Orcas follow. They appear a lot less vicious to humans than what has been depicted before, but they show no mercy to baby humpbacks – a Killer Whale delicacy.

Orcas are also know to rip a great white shark to pieces in order to get it’s liver – another favoured treat for the huge mammalian swimmers.

We couldn’t but help ourselves when presented with another chance to run this classic shot of Dustin Volker shot by Mike VW, first run the Casa Algodoal article last month…