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Online again…

As of the Hibberdene ‘Couta Classic 2014 post, we can safely deduce that has been released from the ravages of DNS savagery. The errors have been tracked and the errant server has been punished. Hopefully readers and subscribers didn’t notice, but some of our posts were disappearing a day or two after being posted. So we would post more, and then the kidnapped posts were returned, only to be abducted again the next day. Unfortunately is was wreaking havoc with our search engine ratings.

At first we suspected one or two of the many dynamic PHP plugins and scripts used to make work. And so we began the debugging process. The net is chokka block full of reasons, suspects and workarounds for our disappearing posts problem…and so we dived in…removing, resetting, replacing…no result. The weeks ticked by until it became clear, after countless tests and experiments, that an errant server somewhere was grabbing our DNS numbers and diverting the traffic every now and then.

It’s chaos out there! So, if you experience similair problems with a WordPress or other CMS out there…good luck…just take it slowly, no radical measures off the bat, take notes at every turn, looking for references…and don’t rule out external errors. WordPress is a solid system used and supported worldwide. There are threads on almost every problem, clash or bug you can find, due to the huge user base. And we support WordPress extensively so give us a call if you have any WordPress queries, requirements or issues…+27 79 326 9671 or