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Must see FILM ‘Becoming Visible’ by Janet Solomon

Watch the highly-acclaimed Janet Solomon movie - Becoming Visible - right here

Must see FILM ‘Becoming Visible’ by Janet Solomon

Must see FILM ‘Becoming Visible’ by Janet Solomon: heeding the call! Of the whales, dolphins and all other marine life subject to the horrors of massive sonar arrays used to speculate for oil and gas. Right here in our very own waters.

The Story

Highlights how politics and poli’tricks’ are the ocean and its inhabitants’ biggest threat. Threat to their survival. And the absolute threat of extinction. If we damage but a few generations of our slow-growing cetaceans, we can easily bring that population to its knees.

Follow the link below to learn a whole of the reality going on behind the scenes. At government level. That allows this kind of tragic loss of marine life to happen. Click the following link to watch the movie on their website.

The Movie — Becoming Visible

Janet Solomon

Having never met this wonderfully talented and inspired person, I can only shower my praises upon her. And the masterful work she has put together.

This stuff takes years. Not hours. And the extreme levels of pure journalism that Janet went to, to record all the relevant in-depth information shines through.


This work needs to be shared far and wide. And only we can do this. Please share this movie with whatever button you can find…on your phone or computer.

And let’s not allow this to happen to the marine life depending on us to stop the government right now…

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