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“Surf Launching in Southern Africa” – NEW YouTube Channel

Surf launching is dangerous

“Surf Launching in Southern Africa” – NEW YouTube Channel

“Surf Launching in Southern Africa” – NEW YouTube Channel. We have taken the deep plunge and have fired up a new channel that will feature as many surf launches as we can find. You as the viewer can watch and analyze each launch over and over. And learn a little each time.

If you have any surf launch videos that we can use for this purpose, please let us have them! Email to or WhatsApp +27793269671. Each video received will be rewarded with a R200 voucher that can be used at Umzimkulu Adrenalin, or Spillers House. Both are in Port Shepstone.

We have fired the all-new channel up with launches from our area, down here on the KZN south coast, so far. At Shelly Beach – the Sonny Evans small craft harbour. And the Umzimkulu River mouth, in Port Shepstone. We have published 8 videos so far, and plan to upload once or thrice a week until our library of launches runs out. And then we will have to go and get some more!

Future launch vids are coming from Pomene in Mozambique. And closer to home, here at Sodwana Bay.

So put your lifejackets on and hold on tight…this video will lead you to the others. This is Digby Smith with a textbook beaching at Shelley Beach, KZN, South Africa.

Digby Smith hitting the beach right – Shelly Beach. KZN. South Africa. Click HERE to go the channel where you can Like, and more importantly, Subscribe. It’s FREE!

You can also easily click the following link to the channel, where it’s easy to Subscribe and look around at the other videos already available.

Surf Launching in Southern Africa

At the risk of repeating myself (apologies in advance), it’s a hell mission to get to 1000 Subscribers. At which point, we as creators on YouTube, only just start to count. So please help us beat the algorithm back into its cage and chase that Subscribe button.

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