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Seapike in the Umzimkulu



Seapike in the Umzimkulu


Check it out…a smelly little pick handle barracuda…teeth and all…taken on a Mydo Luck Shot Mini last week. We have caught so many more fish lately in the estuary, trolling and casting artificials, rather than bait fishing.
It has been beautiful and clean since the sewage over flow problem was fixed a while back.
There are a great deal of hatchlings and fingerlings of all species cruising the shallows and gamefish stalking them continually. Estuarine Prawns -( Macrobrachium equidens) can be seen cruising the mud flats and even parading around on the surface. Fish are very active at certain times, mainly at night with huge smashes going on. The gamefish move in shoals hunting up and down the outer channels, ambushing baitfish up against the banks and mangroves.

Its just a matter of timing…

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