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Saint’s Cyclone Surf

Saints at 5:15am...

Photo Gallery by Poison Images (c) All rights reserved

5am This morning saw quite a crowd of dawn patrollers in the Saints carpark. Yesterday was on, and word spread fast. There is a groovy bank just wide of the take-off spot and most guys were chasing the wide set runners. Although the inside ones held the form and function.

The groms were out first, followed by the ballies…there were quite a few in-betweeners but true to form for the locals there – not one set wave went unridden. There were plenty for all.

Heather Clarke, Wayne Smith and Calvin Moore led the charge with some cracking rides but were soon overshadowed by some dude on a longboard who cruised his way through two awesome barrels on a 9 footer!

Louis Wolmarans gets quote of the day…after he got out the water (finally)…he exclaimed – “I never wanna die”! And as he left the carpark, was screaming out his car window – “Alive! Alive! Alive!”! Inspiring us for decades, Louis deserves his spot in any line-up on this coast. No wonder he has a wave named after him!

A very pleasant morning in one of the friendliest surfing carparks I know of. But then again – I don’t have ND plates!

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