Surf Lesson KZN South Coast


Surf Lesson KZN South Coast

It’s easier than you think!

And more fun than you can imagine!

It won’t be long and you will leave your day job and become a full timer!


Start by joining us for a week, to get you on your feet, and paddling out on your own. Usually, by the first lesson, you will be standing and catching waves aplenty. Then it’s time to learn the finer points  like surviving the rest of your life on a shoe string…doing airs, getting barreled…and getting the shot. You can cruise with us, or bring your own ride. We also do some fishing and diving in between sessions, and the odd surprise party does happen…

So give yourself a week with us (the surfers in the accompanying photos). The weekly fee includes accommodation or you can just sleep on the beach or in car parks like us!

We can also arrange your new surfboard, wetsuit etc… in advance, so when you get here it’s waxing up and you’re out there.

We mainly will have you in the water at Umzumbe, Banana Beach and Saint Mikes…until you can start choosing your favorite spots. On the Hibiscus Coast (Kwazulu Natal South Coast) we have a long list of right hand point breaks, one or two lefthanders and a bunch of beachbreaks to choose from.

The surf does get huge around here, up to 12ft and more sometimes, but mainly it’s very usable and pleasant – warm water, easy paddles and long rides.

Contact Sean on or call +27 79 326 9671 to make a plan!

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