Surf lessons in Tofo (incl acc)


Surf lessons in Tofo. We have been operating here in Tofo for two decades and work with locals and local business’ here.

Beginner to advanced, we will take you surfing in places where nobody else knows about.


Surf lessons in Tofo

Surf lesson in Tofo, Inhambane, Mozambique. (Includes surfing and accommodation and is charged per day).

Cool boards, great waves and good times!

Surfing holiday season in Tofo!

Surf lessons in Tofo: Surfing Tofo shorebreak: Team Mom and Dad Plomaritis leave a few for the kids
Surfing Tofo shorebreak: Team Mom and Dad Plomaritis leave a few for the kids

Get in touch and we can arrange the surfing experience that’s right for you.

Matching waves to board, skill and ability is how we do it. With a focus on safety at all times.

The waves ate Tofo range from tiny ankle snappers to overhead beasts.

Options are:

  • one-on-one or group lessons
  • longer courses including accommodation
  • advanced with video training
  • surf trips to secret locations

We work with various local entities and groups and are totally legal to operate surf lessons, in Mozambique. We have been operating here for two decades now and know the waves and weather intimately. The sandbanks move all the time and it’s just a lot safer and more fun if you rather come with us, than go on your own.

Contact Sean on to arrange your perfect Tofo surfing experience.


Ok, many more videos on YouTube, but, this next playlist should keep you busy a while…

To arrange a surfing experience with us, get in touch with Sean on or WhatsApp +27 79 326 9671.

Don’t forget to watch the Bruce Gold epic, Shaloha, also on YouTube these days, for some extra inspiration. This movie was shot from Cape Town and ends up all the way up here in Tofo and aPomene. The movie just really showcases what a wonderful surfing world we live in here in the Southern part of the wild African continent.

Up next… (a few chapters missing, they are on their way…)

Shaloha  the movie Рby Bruce Gold aka Brucifire

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