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Lalaland Africa

Lalaland Africa is most definitely my most favourite place to stay in Tofo. Everything is just done so right. Shower under the skies and the stars. Walk over the dune onto the idyllic endless beach. Cook up a storm in the very experienced kitchen setup. Mozambique living at its very best.

The only thing is that it is small. Has three separate units. There are plans for more, but the units are very romantically appointed encouraging couples to stay for ages!

The waves in front are actually unbelievably good – sometimes. Often times it is pretty flat and hight tide surfs are the go. The scubaring and ocean safaris all happen right out front. And you can easily swim to clownfish reef. Just don’t get driven over by a clown on the way out there! Tofo can get really busy through the holidays. But most of the time, it’s a real sleepy place in the day time. Nighttime is another story altogether!


Tofo is all about surfing in the bay with your friends. Actually, the bay is owned by the girls. It was a dumb day when we taught this crowd to surf. Now they own the place.


And can even be found dominating the line-up at Tofinho. Where girls weren’t even allowed to surf until about a decade ago.


Yip, they get out at Barra sometimes. On small days. And sometimes they get out by mistake on bigger days which can be a helluva worry when you watch them commit to that crazy take-off. Longboards and all!

Yeah, so if you want a real cool holiday and you want to count on the place as being so super cool you will never want to leave – then Lalaland Africa is your spot.

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