MYDO Bait swimmer # 2 Couta Trace with Bill Plate


The MYDO Baitswimmer # 2 Rigged with a Stainless Steel Bill Plate, custom designed for the #2, adding action, depth and flash.


MYDO Bait swimmer # 2 Couta Trace with Bill Plate

This version scores a Billplate for added action, flash and depth.
Technology and tradition combined…The next size up Bait swimmer features a pulling eye and is available rigged and ready!
It is suited to smaller baits around 12cm, but will swim a 30cm shad or bonito, no problem.
Rigged light the #2 is great for Natal Snoek and Couta, and your perfect little bait (red-eye sardine, mackerel, sardine, shad) can be trolled surprisingly fast – the faster you pull it, the better the action!

Features & Benefits
Pulling eye and pin – Easy to rig and maintain – super strong
Patented MYDO action –  Imparts a swimming action to your bait
Hydrodynamic keel shape – Bait does not spin
Bellyshine and Candy Colours – Create contrast for extra visibility and shine
Oversized eye – For fish to target
5 X Treble hooks and stainless steel wire – Tough enough for all of them tough and toothy predators

Using the MYDO Baitswimmer #2 with Billplate

This MYDO Baitswimmer can swim a shad, mackerel, scad or a small bonito, beautifully. The Billplate helps matters, and rigged with a more suitable medium sized mackerel, sardine, or red-eye sardine – you get a bait to be proud of.

And a bait you can pull dead slow, drift, or when the shoal of tuna pops up 100 metres ahead, you can gas up and give chase – the baitswimmer will keep your bait in check and swimming as if it was alive. Chuck on a ballyhoo, or halfbeak as they are also known, and you can now haul at lure speed all day.

Additional information

Weight 0.080 kg

Red, Green, Orange, Blue, Pink


10cm, 15cm, 20cm, 30cm


Heavy, Light

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