MYDO Fusion Popper 185



MYDO Fusion Popper 185

The monster MYDO Fusion Popper 185 is designed and built for really big fish. Giant Trevally, aka kingfish. And the big tunas – including dogtooth!

Hand-built from epoxy and ultra-heavy through-wired to stand up to the biggest fish.

MYDO Fusion Popper 185

How to fish the MYDO Fusion Popper 185

If you can cast to a boiling tuna, you are in the game. If you drop this monster in amongst a shoal, hold on tight, and roll the cameras. Spectacular surface action as the fish literally fight over the errastic action lure. Until eventually one finds the solid single and it’s game on. We mention singles because they are more powerful and cause less damage. And it’s worth the hits and misses if you are just out for fun like you should be!

When you decide to stand up to the GTs of Bazaruto and surrounds, you best have a Stella or something like that. You really have to jam the drag closed until you can not take any string off the reel. And that’s the pressure your lure has to withstand in those first few crucial seconds as you hook up against a bombie and have to get that fish headed the other way no matter what! Only then can you back the drag off start having fun. And if the fish, as it till, goes back to the heads, then back to GT drag and pull like hell until the fish, you, or your tackle gives!

You will need to take quite a few poppers if you want to play this game up there.


The MYDO Fusion Popper 185 is a big lure for big fish but that’s not to say smaller fish won’t jump on it. Even a football-sized yellowfin has a go at a popper this size. As will the smaller kingfish, jobfish and tunas. Bonitos.

Medium-sized gamefish like garrick and yellowtail also wolf this thing down.

But it’s big fish we are here for. Huge tarpon. Giant GTs. Gas bottle tuna. Dirty dogtooth.


And you really need to be tackled up. Drags of 15kgs or more with hooks and leaders that can handle this level of pressure. Braid – 100lb!

20 000 Sized reels are about right and you can load them with thick braid. The lure is heavy enough to toss a good distance with even the most ungainly of popping or even jigging sticks.

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