MYDO Fusion Popper 145



MYDO Fusion Popper 145

The MYDO Fusion Popper 145 represents a direct assault against garrick, kingfish and yellowtail. From the bricks or from the boat. This specific model plug, the 145, has an outsized and emphasised mouth that showers anything around it during full attack mode.

How to fish the MYDO Fusion Popper 145

The huge cupped mouth means you can go a bit slower and less direct in the jabs. It’s a real fun lure that makes a real fun splash. It can be perceived as a lightly leaner profile with loads of emphasis on the bucket-mouth scoop upfront. It’s a slightly lighter lure that is perfect for walking the beaches or points and sight-casting to finning gamefish.

So, choose your target, and try land that lure right on its head. Leave for a few moments, and jab -jab -jab, wait a second or two, and repeat until you are vas! It’s the same formula across the board, although some situations and species might require variation to the theme. Don’t go too fast or the fish will miss completely! Happens to me all the time!


And its lighter weight means you can notch down with your tackle choice. Use your 9ft braid casting outfit with 50lb string and you are locked and loaded. Or your favourite jigging stick can easily double as an outfit for this medium-sized popper.

You will need to exercise caution and extra drag if you are anywhere near the bombies of Bazaruto or those crazy waters.

Single hooks for more pulling power and more surface action fun and games are always recommended by Mydo Fishing and Lures.


The MYDO Fusion Popper 145 will fool a dorado, a tuna or bonnie, a trevally, a yellowtail, a kingfish, a garrick, a queenfish, a tarpon, a doggie…you get the picture. The 145’s size and lean shape make it versatile and great to take on every fishing trip everywhere you go.

The MYDO Fusion Popper 145 – a lure for all seasons and species.

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