MYDO Silver Bullet Baitswimmer #2 Gamefish Trace



MYDO Silver Bullet Baitswimmer #2 Gamefish Trace

MYDO Baitswimmer Silver Bullet Gamefish Trace: prismatic light effects combined with the legendary baitswimmer swimming action. Number 2 4x Trebles. #6 Leader and #7 droppers.




As a baitswimmer tied into a couta trace, this head has proven itself for over 4 decades now. Nowadays, we are using modern composites to really fine-tune the balance. And get the swimming action as vibrant and reliable as possible.


With or without a duster, hook a big long juicy belly shine on and troll this along the backline and see what happens.


The articulated style of tying this up with your favourite hook and letting your plastic swing freely makes for an amazing underwater scene. And increases your strike rate. By setting the hook way further back in the plastic.

There is heaps of adjustability as in you can move the knot from the front hole, to the back hole. This makes for more down-planing angle-of-attack. And is suited to slower trolling or retrieving. The front hole is for higher speeds. And you can easily move between the two when tied with nylon or fluorocarbon. By using a uni-knot (as demonstrated in the video), you can loosen and tighten into the desired angle.

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Shad trace

With or without a duster, tie a fillet ontop this rig, chuck it out into the white water, and slowly retrieve it. Repeat. You will not wait long.

There are more uses and adaptations for the MYDO Silver Bullet Baitswimmer. Like downrigging. And surface skipping a halfbeak. The MYDO Silver Bullet Baitswimmer takes a regular skirt, or a duster on top, if need be.

Umzimkulu Adrenalin and The Sardine News are standing by to take you fishing. From Mozambique to the Cape, we can hook you up. Decades of experience at your fishing service.



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