MYDO Daisy Chain (light)

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MYDO Daisy Chain (light)

The lighter MYDO Daisy Chain comes rigged with light wire since the rig is mostly fished right on the surface where the wire doesn’t resonate and whine. And it’s mainly toothy fish that take these highly effective combos.

The MYDO Daisy Chain (light) is rigged to take a fillet on each lure. And should be fished on a medium to light outfit, sporting 20lb or more. With a double-line and leader combination that can handle bigger fish. Sailfish and small marlin readily jump on a daisy chain. And some really big couta have fallen foul of the MYDO Daisy Chain too. Although you will find that the MYDO Daisy Chain actually can really tell you what’s going on. Since every fish in the ocean, even shad and things will bite on these well-presented fillet baits.


At low speeds, you don’t even need to put cotton. Although it’s a good idea to cotton up, it makes things a lot easier over time. A juicy fresh bleeding fillet is exactly what it takes to turn an interested fish into a strike.


You can drag these things really fast. The lures help each other stay in the water so they don’t bounce around as single lures do. In inclement weather and seas, this really counts.

Where in the spread

These guys need to skip around on the surface at whatever speed. The baits kind of fight each other for direction resulting in really cool natural-looking action right on top. In perfect silhouette.

You need to put these guys in upright rod-holders, away from each other and staggered by a good few metres. So when the wind blows or when the skipper loses concentration and turns too sharp, the lures don’t come together. These rigs rely on that obtuse pulling angle to keep the baits up on top where they can’t spin. And they do their magical little dance together.

Out the very back is the natural spot for these guys. And when you get a strike, they can stay out the back and out of the way. Unless it gets really hectic, but either way, these rigs can come out last. Get the close baits out of the water first every time.


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