MYDO Dorado Spread w Teaser System

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MYDO Dorado Spread w Teaser System

MYDO Dorado Spread w Teaser System: Be the Baitball you Wanna Be! This is how you attract shoals of dorado to you. Right to your boat and into your seasonally decorated and lit up spread. Enough to excite anyone to bite.

MYDO BaitFlashers

MYDO BaitFlashers
MYDO BaitFlashers are available now.

Starting right at the boat, the light show begins. With a strip of super-shiny and reflective MYDO BaitFlasher sardine each side. The pack includes two strips of 5, one for each side of the boat. Install on the bottom outer edge of the gunwale. Start at the back. If you have a big boat, you can order more strips of 5 right HERE. To become a complete baitball, you would need two strips per metre of boat each side. Even more. We have fished these things on test boats and for three years they are still vas.

MYDO FlashFloats

Happy Dorado Season
Happy Dorado Season

The next part of the Teaser System are the teasers themselves. Super-shiny and reflective, there are four included. If they bear any resemblance to tree decorations, it’s because that is what they are. But waterproofed with silicone. Glued up with super glue. Swivels attached. Elastic bands are included.

Just fish these instead of the polystyrene floats. Firstly they are so shiny and attractive. And very importantly, paint a V on the surface as they are trolled along very slowly. The second reason you need to use these things, is that dorado only chow baits up on top. See the accompanying video about all that.

MYDO Baitswimmers

Very lightly weighted and foamed, these things just keep your bait from spinning. Fish swallow them right down with the bait. There are four traces in the bucket. Two big, two small.

The big ones feature 80lb leader, a float-injected MYDO Baitswimmer, on a big old super-sharp and strong single hook. For your bigger boats. And live baits. Fish these baits almost in free spoon. The float needs to be rigged to run so as not to impede the dorado in any way as he takes tome to swallow the big bait. The float might feel strange fished like this. BUt it can be a real advantage during the fight too as everyone can see where the line is at. The downside is that they can obviously induce more tangles. And chaos if things get snagged during a fight. This is the reason why four baits really is enough for dorries. Cast lures with your spinning sticks to make more splash and attract more attention rather.

MYDO StripBaitSwimmer
MYDO StripBaitSwimmer

The two smaller rigs are actually MYDO StripBaitSwimmers. But fitted with a nylon leader. The treble hook is still attached using double wire. But this is buried in the fillet bait properly. These baits are best fished with the drag up since they are out for the immediate hookup. Fish with about a 1 to 2 kg drag to get the desired penetration at strike time. And if a couta comes along, at least you got some wire down there. The leader is 50lb mono on these two outfits.

They are temptingly dressed in couta duster skirts. Making them game for any gamefish that happens past.

MYDO Silver Bullet #1
MYDO Silver Bullet #1

Also included are 2 MYDO Silver Bullet Baitswimmers rigged with those electrifying paddle tails from BruBaits. Tough as hell. And they move beautifully. Cast. Or troll. Even the kids can fish this lure effectively. Super-easy.

Well, that will put you right up there in the Dorado game. Watch out for those Silly Sailfish. The Baby Blacks have been wild up north too. And even worse the Stripeys will soon arrive in shoals. Avoid on light tackle!

The MYDO Dorado Spread w Teaser System comes in a cool polypropylene bucket.

The ‘couta have made their long-awaited appearance back on the north coast. It shan’t be long before they show up down south. They may be here already too?

Check out our seasonal MYDO Couta Spread right HERE.


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