Inhaca Island on a Shoestring


A week of fishing, diving and surfing the idyllic waters of Inhaca Island. On a shoestring. The rate is per person, with a minimum of 4. Max 6. We’ll get to know this island real well. Includes 25 hours of a boat and skipper. More than enough to fish, dive, and explore the entire island, from Santa Maria to the Lighthouse. BYO everything! We will fly fish, spin fish, fish for billfish, dive, hike, surf, swim, snorkel…all by boat.


Inhaca Island on a Shoestring

Although it’s literally an international destination, you can do Inhaca Island on a Shoestring budget. With The Sardine team, who will take care of your well-being and adrenalin levels non stop.

This is how…

Local skippers on Inhaca have many little banana boats, usually with one motor. So by chartering two of these guys, we can safely head out behind the island to where the big fish roam. The boats are as reliable as any can be in Moz, but having two just puts us back in the camp every evening.

And we are going to be camping…roughing it really, at The Lighthouse or in Inhaca Village.

So, get four crew together, or six even, and for a week of Inhaca Island mayhem on a shoestring budget. We can offer seven days includes:

  • transfers from Maputo to Inhaca and back
  • 30 hours of two boats (15 hours each boat) including gas and oil, and local skipper
  • skippers and guides
  • camp site

What you don’t get is food and water and drinks. This is a self catering trip. However, we will be eating a great deal of fresh fish. You also need to pay R150 for your fishing license.

The boats are our primary transport and can get us all around the island and surrounds. Santa Maria, on the mainland, is serene and full of fishing and snorkelling and cruising fun. Beach bars line the peninsula. The ocean heaves in and out through Hells’Gate with the tides. Beautiful place.

The gallery depicting life on Inhaca, as we are going to be living it…

The island features a few restaurants good for a grilled chicken or two. There is a supermarket. And even an ATM!

Bring your own everything, including a tent.

For a surcharge of R1500 per person, minimum 4, we will get you out for a days marlin fishing on a proper ski-boat.

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