Tofo – Barra – Pomene – Vilankulos – Bazaruto – Inhassoro – Bartholomew Diaz (7 days pp)


The hardcore way to catch more fish – stay out there! Destination to destination – Barra – Pomene – Vilankulos – Bazaruto – Inhassoro – Bartholomew Diaz, staying the night over at lodges along the way! 7 days of non-stop all the types of fishing you could want. Fly-fishing, spinning, billfishing – whatever you want, just name your species and we are after it!

R21 999 per week per angler. Minimum four.

Includes fishing (fuel and tackle) and accommodation. Transfers to and from airport.


Tofo – Barra – Pomene – Vilankulos – Bazaruto – Inhassoro – Bartholomew Diaz (7 days pp)

Revolutionary way to catch more fish than anyone! Stay out there as much as possible! Between Tofo and Bartholomew Diaz and all in between is our beat.

Well ok, return to land to sleep and eat, or for bad weather, food and other land based luxuries/necessities. Stock up. Rejuvinate , and then back out there!

Along the coast, town to lodge to island to beach. Fishing all the way.

We start in Vilankulos or Tofo, so you can fly right in from Johannesburg. A day and night preparing the boat, the backup vehicle and measures, tackle…and we are out of there first light. The San Sebastian Peninsula to Bazaruto Island / Tofo to Barra / Inhassoro to BD takes us over some of the most ridiculously good fishing grounds. Canyons, drop offs, pinnacles, reefs, channels – all sorts of structure that attract the whole host of tropical gamefish found in the deep blue Mozambique Channel.

Some R&R on land as and when we need it, more supplies and back out. To the famed 25 mile reef? A pristine fishing ground far enough to keep almost everyone away. Following the reef out deep off the amazing drop off – 100m to 500m in a hundred metres, and back over countless pinnacles on our way to or from Bartholomew Diaz. A scene you will never forget. We hang around at BD quite a lot, and pursue snapper and kingfish on spinning tackle – in the huge mangrove estuary. We suspect bonefish line the sandbanks too. There is so much to the place!

There are more and more spots north and if the weather holds, we will head that way to explore waters that nobody goes to. Islands. Reefs. There may even be some surf there (there are great long winding barreling waves at San Sebastian btw).

Then it’s a matter of choosing a route home. Paradise Island is en route. Another marvel.

And we have an entire week!

Chasing fish all over the Bazaruto Archipelego…and south to Tofo and Barra.

The boat chosen for this adventure is the ultra cool SeaCat 510 Centre Console, with 2 x 50hp four stroke Yamahas. More about Ësta la Vida can be found right here.


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