Oceano Azul Self-catering family holiday house in Tofinho


Oceano Azul is Grant Gilmour’s custom made surfing pad and hideaway. Complete with hammocks, braai area and enough beds for the whole family. Open plan and fun living. A short walk to the legendary surf at Tofinho.


Oceano Azul Self-catering family holiday house in Tofinho

This radical surfing flavoured self-catering family holiday house in Tofinho is for rent.

Out-of-season rates are very reasonable, in season is a whole nother story. Especially with such a cool and adaptable house like Oceano Azul. Open plan. Upstairs beds. Downstairs bedrooms. Hot water and aircon!

Tucked away in a quiet and calm valley in Tofinho, you don’t need a 4WD to get in and out. Plus, you will be walking to the surf spots, board  under arm. Everything and everywhere is a fun walk – leave the car parked!

Surfing ain’t the only attraction BTW. There are whale sharks and dolphins, dugongs even! Whales in winter (if you can call it that?! Beautiful weather year round in Tofo). Scuba and snorkeling is on offer.

Then the fishing! Deep-sea, or cruise the points, spinning rod in hand…

Barra and the huge, but calm Inhambane Bay, is a 20 minute drive away, giving you access to the islands and Linga Linga. Over crystal clear waters you cruise, spotting starfish and all sorts on your way. Great snorkeling. Fishing too.

Catering for your family and friends is easy enough with the market right on Tofo Beach. Fresh fruit and veggies, and seafood all sorts come in fresh every day. Clams, prawns, scallops, sardines, tuna…

Otherwise, there is a restaurant on every corner it seems, in Tofo Town, these days. And they are all excellent. Huge range in price too! And so many fusions of flavours!

Rates very from out of season starting at R1250, to in-season double that or more. Book way in advance to get the best deal.

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