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Maiden Voyage at Tofo

Fish Perspective
The fish perspective of our new boat...

Captain’s Blog: by Sean Lange (26 July 2011)

Our new boat as arrived in Tofo!

Centre console magic with twin 60hp Mariners!

First trip out and we got up close and personal with a huge whale shark.

A few minutes later and the Rapala X-Rap 9 went away with a neat little kingfish at Praia da Rocha.

Robbie, Renske and Kingfish
Robbie, Renske and Kingfish

Some large Cobia were hunting off the whale sharks but we never got a hit. Normally it’s straight away when they are in this mode.

The water has been a bit cold, around 22 to 23 degrees, and with the whale sharks going berserk (sometimes 10 or 20 in one spot), we just need a nice front to warm things up.

Whale Shark and Ski-Boat
Whale Shark and Ski-Boat

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