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Jamie Edwards Scuba Report from Tofo

Jamie Edwards Scuba Report from Tofo, Inhambane, Mozambique…


Great dive this morning at Galleria! Unfortunately the visibility was not at its greatest but none the less it was still amazing under the water. Dropped down onto 2 big Octopus, they were puffing up and colour flaring which looks pretty awesome. Then quite a sizable Smalleye Stingray pulled in, just chilled with us for a few minutes while we watched it getting cleaned. To finish off the dive we found a big Whitetip Reef Shark resting on the bottom which seemed relaxed with us being there. Once again the Humpback Whales were singing away during the dive, doesnt get better than that! 🙂

Thanks to Jamie for his ongoing updates. Check out Diversity Scuba on for more information on Scuba diving the Inhambane area.

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