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News from IGFA | Bluefin tuna recaptured after 16 years!

Atlantic Bluefin Tuna

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“Recently, a  2  year old 14 lb. school bluefin originally tagged and released by Anderson on October 9, 1997  was recaptured 711 nautical miles from the Northeastern edge of Nova Scotia.   At 5,855 days (or 16 years), this bluefin has the third longest time at liberty ever recorded.  When it was recaptured it weighed approximately 1,200 lb!  ”

Courtesy IGFA

1 thought on “News from IGFA | Bluefin tuna recaptured after 16 years!


    Hi Sean

    Thanks for these really interesting articles and photos. Mark and I snorkeled off false Bay on Saturday. Me without a wet suit. Quite awesome for these waters.

    Wish we were closer,


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