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Fly. Don’t drive…

Fishing takes time and money (and patience of course). And getting to the fish takes time and money (and patience of course). This is a true story…
Day 1
Myself and two crew waiting in Port Shepstone pack to go…our transport – our ageing but trusty land cruiser is having it’s brakes sorted out. Quote is R2000. We are on our way to Tofo, Mozambique…
Day 2
The brakes are not done, so we jump into Robbie’s Hilux, and head to Durban. We get there to a R6000 bill! All new, and had to be done together. But still not ready. So we head to Gauteng in the Hilux, where we would wait until the land cruiser was delivered.
Day 3
The land cruiser is finally on the road. But at 10pm, the driver realizes the alternator is not charging, and when the lights go out, he calls for help. Quote R1900 for new alternator.
Day 4
We awake in Gauteng to an extended bill of R4000. Finally the car is with us. Load up and fetch our new boat (part of the plan). And we are off. Except in Middelburg…the back left wheel divorces us and we career off the road stopping on the suspension. The wheel nuts were tightened too tight in Durban and failed. The N4 has it’s own awesome service for breakdowns. You just call a well advertised toll number and a bantam bakkie pulls up with tools and all all the basics. Johan was his name. He took me into Middelburg where a Midas was open…and 6 new studs and bolts were eagerly purchased. Unfortunately, the backing plate behind the drum impeded it’s fit, and the ever helpful Johan stripped two of the studs overtightening again! So we limp 6kms to an Ultra City and start again.
The repairs took us 10 hours, and we coasted up to the border at a dark 1am.
Day 5
Through the border, contraband Jack Russells – Ozzie and Chelsea too. First roadblock. My drivers licence is expired (and with the government making it almost impossible to renew). R100. And therafter, the cops tried their best, but we were resilient, and after broken arguments in a mixture of Portuguese, English and Zulu, we finally make Tofo – late that night.
Day 6
We are so exhausted that it takes us this day and part of the next to recover.
Total bill: R17 000!
So…please fly up here rather. We will fetch you at the Inhambane Airport, and have you on the water in an hour.
We do the hard yards so you don’t have to!
Tofo Eco Lodge

Red carpet....
Flying in just works so much better...for Inhambane!

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