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Fishing Report Tofo July 2011

Report from Tofo – July 2011
So from the previous story you can see we have made it back up to Tofo, Inhambane, for another little season. Winter in Tofo can be slow, but some big yellowfin (for the area) of about 25kg’s are plentiful. Yesterday in the market we saw plenty couta in the 10kg size, and a marlin of 85kg’s was taken by one of the tiny local rowboats out front.
In the last few days we have seen some huge Natal Stumpnose and one awesome Speckled Snapper of about 8kg’s. Bonefish seem as plentiful as the Stone Bream and can be seen in the shallows hunting.
There are many whales and dolphins about, and it seems some shoals of sardines have made it all this way. We got some beautiful specimens in the market that were meant to be bait, but were eaten rather!
We are launching our new boat tomorrow…watch this space!

Tofo Eco Lodge and Village

Wierd Kingfish in the nets (any guesses?)
Wierd Kingfish in the nets (any guesses?)

2 thoughts on “Fishing Report Tofo July 2011

  1. Good stuff Sean, enjoying reading your articles rember when the print edition ran.

  2. It is a Golden Kingfish…Duarte says there are many many off Inhaca too…

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