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Collector’s Edition Print by (c) Duarte Rato #001

Collector's Edition Prints by (c) Duarte Rato # 001
Collector's Edition Prints by (c) Duarte Rato # 001

2 thoughts on “Collector’s Edition Print by (c) Duarte Rato #001

  1. Marlin @ sunrise

    26th October 2010, first of a 8 day charter with father & son, Dave and Duncan Royston.

    Weather forecast predicted a 30 knot + SE winds to come in mid morning so we decided to leave very early and only do couple hours before heading for shelter.
    As it happens we hooked this small acrobatic high flying Black Marlin at sunrise that Duncan released after 20 minutes. Notice the unusual big pectoral fins and tail on this fish…a sign that it will grow very big???

    The wind come early and we had a hell of a rough trip to get back to the resort, but after such a successful start to the charter I heard no one complaining.

    Over the next 7 days we ended up having a ball and releasing another 5 Black Marlin two of which really big mama’s, estimated at 850 lbs.

  2. PS: A fine South African artist is currently painting this picture on oil & canvas…

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