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Collective Reporting

Yellowfin Tuna taken off Bazaruto (c) Duarte Rato
Yellowfin Tuna taken off Bazaruto (c) Duarte Rato

Duarte Rato at Bazaruto sent in this awesome photo of a yellowfin tuna…taken a few days ago…

These are what the big momma’s are here for!

It has been a little quiet, in town and at sea, for us in Tofo. But we have had the following launches:

Damian, Shane and Erlana

Shane was super stoked with his yellowfin on light tackle, seared and eaten still raw in the middle, with lemon juice and garlic butter. Wow!

But then Damiao got his first fish ever! A smallish sea pike – that he relished at Tofo Tofo Restaurant, where they prepared it beautifully.

Although the fishing was a bit slow, whale sharks, dolphins and whales made up for some action.

The Poker Club

Paul and I were sitting on the verandah at Bar Babalaza, wondering where our next customers were going to come from, when 8 Big Ous from Joey’s rocked up and turned our lives upside down. From partying at Fatima’s, to huge feeds at Barra Lodge and then a final assault on Freddie’s Bush Bar at Whitesands…

Lionel led the fishing charge but either he chose the wrong crew or bait – but it was not to be. We never saw a bird, and not one local rowboat fishing crew were out either. It’s about 1 in 6 trips that we score a duck like this – and no, they never let us live it down!

Double or quits next time pals!

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