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Casa Algodoal for perfect waves…

Casa Algodoal for perfect waves

Matt VW captured this sick shot of Dustin “Krusty” Volker sitting tight in the green room adjoining Casa Algodoal. Great shot Matt! Copyright Matt VW. All Rights Reserved.

Dustin Volker, in the proverbial green room, not far from Casa Algodoal, in Tofo, Inhambane, Mozambique, this week already. Casa Algodoal is top drawer modern holiday living…with unobstructed views out over Praia da Tofo.
Tofo is a favourite beach destination, and is scattered with backpackers, surfers, divers and travelers out in the warm winter sun looking for adventure.

The diving is world class and many Scuba operators offer all kinds of diving and all kinds of reefs. Humpback whales, dolphins and whale sharks frequent the clear warm waters of Inhambane, and you don’t have to blow bubbles to swim with them…take an ocean safari and snorkel if you like!

The famous calm clear waters of Inhambane Bay are home to seahorses, dugongs, starfish, panzy shells…all sorts, and the bay is great for swimming and snorkeling with whole family. And you can get a boat to the islands or Linga Linga across the bay.

The “manne” can book deep sea fishing trips to target tuna, wahoo, king mackerel and billfish…black marlin, striped marlin and sailfish are all taken off Tofo regularly…which is just down the coast from the famed Bazaruto Archipelago.

Inhambane town is a wonder on it’s own, attractive old buildings, some from centuries ago, characterise the overall state of Mozambique. The place can be challenging but if you maintain your senses and take it on…it’s extremely rewarding.

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