Advertising makes the world go round!

And it’s got us on the run (SOAD)!

Standing out from the crowd has become an artform.

It used to be about colours, fonts, flow, placement.

Now it’s about content.

Content that attracts your customers to your offerings. (Then it’s back to colours, fonts, flow and placement).

This new commodity in the marketing world, high-quality content, is the grail. If you and your brand are linked with high quality, useful and relevant content, the association of these qualities with your brand, are invaluable.

You will firstly start to attract qualified leads who appreciate your content and efforts. Then theose people who respond, or engage, with you because of your content, are competely qualified leads. They are then be able to validate you, as your content reveals the integrity and openness required.

The conditions for doing business together, are now well and truly met.

Trust is in place.

It is at this pinch point, that your SEO and Content Marketing stage is completed, and you move to the transaction stage.

Now your website UI (user interface) and UX (user experience) come into effect and take care of the entire process. Quote to payment. And delivery.

And that, is Advertising today.

The Sardine News, started in 1986, and was a printed tabloid newspaper, distributed throughout South Africa.

We built a readership of 15 000, which in those days, was HUGE. Even Getaway Magazine had a go at buying us out, but we were eventually acquired by Angling Magazine, and incorporated into their publication, for many years.

When the internet started, the move towards making The Sardine News online started an so we re-acquired our shares, and after a long absence fishing and researching all over, fired up again. At, in 2012.

SEO and Content Marketing have become The Sardine News’ main marketing service to it’s current clients. Creating quality content in all forms – articles, stories, video, photographs, and then promoting them to search engines and social platforms, is what we do all day, every day!

Once the content is published, programmed API’s and auto-posters autonomously spread the word to the bots and spiders who index the entire internet.

Then our networks, built on top of the many inter-linked (and owned) social platforms and including you, our clients, who also get to work using guidelines we provide – a formula, if you wish, that will open the floodgates of traffic you have been waiting for.

Tech lead is Sean Lange, who has been involved with the web and marketing since the internet’s inception. Sean has worked on brands like Coca-cola, Bells, Jose Cuervo, Smirnoff, Powerade, Play, Radio 5, Capital Radio…and was an integral part of the team who ran the TV show, and website – Intertainment, for ETV, all those years ago (highest hits in the country at the time). ┬áSean spent many years working in the advertising industry as a partner in Engage/ORD (Orry, Rightford and Drysdale) and iCity, one of the very first multimedia interactive startups in Cape Town. A couple of Loerie nominations and other awards later (Assegai Award for Advetising), Sean now publishes the The Sardine News, a job he had a 30 whole years ago!

Get in touch with Sean on or WhatsApp +27793269671 anytime really.

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