Sardine, surf and dive report 3 June 2021

Sardine, surf and dive report 3 June 2021

Sardine, surf and dive report 3 June 2021: well ok, sometimes it makes sense to chuck all the surfing, fishing and diving news together into one video. It’s a bit long, but you can always fast forward through the sections that you are not into so much.


It turns out that 73% of you guys are fishermen. Surfers are 30 %. And divers a mere 20%! There are obviously overlaps as in many surfers also fish and dive.

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Sardine, surf and dive report 3 June 2021

Synopsis for SKZN

The bad weather has won the battle for 3 days and nights solid. Thunder and lightning. Sheet rain. All the rivers are down. Brown water extends to the horizon in some places. The forecasts don’t paint any prettier a story.


It’s definitely not all doom and gloom. The storm was concentrated mainly over southern Kwazulu Natal. And for the most part, behaved itself for the first few days by staying real close to the coast. It only rained hard inland after the first day or two of the coastal deluge.

The waves are actually quite inviting too. Durban is cooking, some other more hidden spots will be too. JBay seems to have waves every day, according to the Brucifire Surf Report. There is heaps of east in the swell today though so I wouldn’t go boating out there. Or diving! Unless you get those x-ray vision goggles. And a rebreather.

Anything can happen

The ocean recovers fast this time of the year. Real fast. But I am sure you are also tired of checking the weather forecasts by now. They have been depressingly accurate since they got their heads around the cut-off low assault that came in so fast.

But it’s got to stop!

Surely there can’t be that much rain in the sky?


Mainly from Brucifire and friends in sunny wavy JBay?! Many taken from the office at JBay SurfView.

Thanks to Jason Heyne and Brucifire for the collaboration. That even features the voice of Darrell Hattingh as he opines about the conditions. Adam Kamdar also piped in with the surfing contribution.

There were reports of sardines washing up at Mgababa today. But the sea is too wild for even those hell men sardine netters?!

Maybe tomorrow?

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