Sean Lange

Sardines at Mdumbi yesterday

So far, this is what we have from the operators in the Coffee Bay and Mdumbi area:

“Hi bud.sardines are here.water temp 18 -19deg.gamefish and dolphins going crazy.was a medium size school.nothing behind it moving very slowly mdumbi at the moment.” – Riaan

So, Riaan luckily for us is either on the water on in the water every day possible. He is at the epicentre of where the sardines hit the coastline on their way up here. They come from deep ocean and sometimes hit the coast as far south as False Bay. But otherwise, it’s pretty randomly between the Cape and the Transkei.

My contacts at Mazeppa are suspiciously quiet.

Jbay is all about dolphins and offshores.

KZN coastline in champagne conditions but water far too warm for sardines still.

As the morning unfolds and any sardines show their scales anywhere, we will be the first to know.

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