FREE delivery! This MYDO promotion is ON!

FREE delivery! This MYDO promotion is ON!

*your free delivery depends on the post office being open and delivering! If not, you can choose the PostNet option at R99. As of today, yes, deliveries are ON!

On any lure, from the bare bones cheap MYDO Baitswimmer #1 (R28-00) to the full monty gamefish packs – free delivery! This promotion is planned to run until the 14th of April this 2021.

Just choose the free shipping option to have your chosen lure or pack on it’s merry way to you. Please make sure your postal address is clear and accurate on the checkout form. And your cellphone or another contact number, email etc…so we can work this all out smoothly.

We are hoping that you guys will take a chance on the individual smaller lures, as you grow into the MYDO Fishing System and range of innovative and trusty fishing lures. Some are as cheap as R28, so with postage being paid for by us, and EFTs costing nothing, those are practically FREE!

Unfortunately, we are still on hold for international sales and deliveries. We have three overseas orders that still have not left yet after almost one whole irritating year. So, yes, this is for South Africa deliveries ONLY!

The Sardine Store is finding itself busy with this new arrangement and is undergoing some cool changes even as we write this. Look out for our all-new mega-menu coming soon!

Ok, so it’s that easy…just select Free Shipping at checkout. Remember you can also choose PostNet at R99 for a quicker delivery.

We only do EFTs and PayPal, credit cards are too expensive and too much bother. Plus EFTs are the easiest and safest. However, e-wallet and that kind of thing is fine too. Just place the order, we will be in touch and we can work it all out easily enough since we are in the same country luckily.

We are on YouTube right HERE, please dont forget to subscribe!

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