The Brucifire Surf Report for Feb 2021 Part 4

The Brucifire Surf Report for Feb 2021 Part 4

The Brucifire Surf Report Part 4! After threatening for decades, it’s finally here. Live sometimes and otherwise on-demand on the digital airwaves. On YouTube!

If you landed here by search engine, you will enjoy the show more by starting at Part 1 – right here.

Brucifire Surf Report featuring Mike Esposito
Brucifire Surf Report featuring Mike Esposito in there somewhere – can you see him?

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This is part 4 of all time and deals with a still pic (below), that Brucifire sent me to archive. And so I asked him a few questions about it…

Turns out to an important and fleeting time in history. But I had got it all wrong! Brucifire was not on the cover of Surf Africa. No! Bruce was inadvertently (without advertising), impersonating the real culprit! Mr. Mike Esposito!

The story goes…

Play the movie!

And that’s that!

The final segment of the Brucifire Surf Report for February 2021.

Parting Shot

The Brucifire Surf Report: Bruce Gold calls the thunder!
Bruce Gold calls the thunder!

Well that was a lot of fun, the next reports from Bruce will just come through one-by-one. This epic was put out there to set the scene and guage the feeling.

To watch the latest in the series in a row as they should be played…here you go. Otherwise, back to Part 1 here.

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