The Brucifire Surf Report for Feb 2021 Part 3

The Brucifire Surf Report for Feb 2021 Part 3

The Brucifire Surf Report Part 3! If you landed here by search engine, rather use this link to go back to Part 1. After threatening for decades, it’s finally here. Live sometimes and otherwise on-demand on the digital airwaves. On YouTube!

The Brucifire Surf Report Feb 2021 Part 3 is all about the surf. A few sessions strung together with some Bruce commentary – with a little help from his friends of course. Goofrey in the background can be heard clearly! There is a starfish in the mix.

One or two waves filmed at a distance, but soon we gone get Brucifire rigged up with a tripod for his iPad and then we gonna see some good close up and personal supertubes stuff.

There is a reference to the evergreen Stevo Neelo who got bust catching waves in the morning (R2000), during the lockdown, and was back out ripping it up in the very same afternoon!

But ok, this little four-part series will act as the harbinger for the future as Bruce and I get our proverbial act together. These surf reports promise to be a lot of fun and hopefully will raise a few heckles, and sheckles!

From now there shall be even more of…a little history and not so much nostalgia, some superstition, commentary on waves and their masters, and most of all, good solid life advice from Brucifire. Not to be ignored!

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And! One more time with feeling…a gallery of hot shots from Brucifire!

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