The Brucifire Surf Report for Feb 2021 Part 2

The Brucifire Surf Report for Feb 2021 Part 2

The Brucifire Surf Report Part 2! After threatening for decades, it’s finally here. Live sometimes and otherwise on-demand on the digital airwaves. On YouTube!

This is part 2 of all time and deals with this pic, that Brucifire sent me to archive. Go back to Part 1 HERE, in case you landed here by search engine.

Brucifire Surf Report featuring Mike Esposito
Brucifire Surf Report featuring Mike Esposito

And so I asked him a few questions about the mystery pic.

Well I never! Confusion can be a great thing! Look how it unfolded this classic front cover of… Remains to be seen! Well, I really thought that somehow, Brucifire had slipped himself onto the cover of an African Surfer magazine! But alas not! He was self-admittedly impostering! Actually, it turns out, that Brucifire was making peanut butter! For his cereal. And his coffee! Yip! Bruce puts peanut butter in his coffee! I can’t wait to not try! But, the story unfolds, Bruce goes to town to reveal the true cover gracer of that African Surfer piece of class. And! Somewhat more! Remains to be Seen! To those who don’t know, this is the Brucifire archive. And everybody is close by. Real close, as the stories unravel. In technicolour. But ok, are you are on the right page? Or should you be on this page? The main playlist that untells the story, by Brucifire. None other.

Turns out to an important and fleeting time in history. But I had got it all wrong! Brucifire was not on the cover of Surf Africa. No! Bruce was inadvertently (without advertising), sitting right on top of the real culprit! Mr. Mike Esposito!

The story goes…

Play the movie!

From now there shall be even more of…a little history and not so much nostalgia, some superstition, commentary on waves and their masters, and most of all, good solid life advice from Brucifire. Not to be ignored!

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And that is the way this is gonna roll out – one segment leading to another.

Steady as she goes!

Good for something!


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