The Brucifire Surf Report for Feb 2021 Part 1

The Brucifire Surf Report for Feb 2021 Part 1

The Brucifire Surf Report Part 1! After threatening for decades, it’s finally here. Live sometimes and otherwise on-demand on the digital airwaves.

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The image of confusion! Is the focus of this very first Brucifire Surf Report series.
Who dunnit? The image of confusion! Is the thread of this very first Brucifire Surf Report series. Watch the next show to find out…

This is the very first segment, and is an intro to Brucifire, for any of you who just don’t know.

What part don’t you get?!

But ok, it’s an uneasy brown looking wave with a kick in the drop and a real tube. Much more meat than Stupids says Bruce and Roosta. The scene is from the movie Shaloha! An epic journey taken from perfect wave to perfect wave to perfect wave, between Cape Town and Inhambane (Mozambique). Featuring Roosta and Brucifire, and a few others! Take note!

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But ok, this is the very first segment, of the very first week. The follow ons are great. And are kinda broad and scene-setting in its storyline as Brucifire sums up the current feeling in JBay and surrounds. From his perspective! Which most likely is flying down the line or commenting grandly on some other soul who is!

From now on there shall be even more of…a little history and not so much nostalgia, some superstition, commentary on waves and their masters, and most of all, good solid life advice from Brucifire.

Not to be ignored!

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What you could also be doing though is clicking this link, to get the series as a playlist. Then it all makes just a little more sense. And that is the way this is gonna roll out – one segment leading to another. Steady as she goes! At the moment we are still practising but are working it out amongst the team just fine. And so we published all four in one go!

Good for something!

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