Barra breaks again – Feb 2021

Barra breaks again – Feb 2021

Barra breaks again – this past few days and weeks has seen some wild wet season weather patterns that are typical of a February around Southern Africa.

Boisterous! February is actually the source of a tonne of swell. The only thing is that it goes in all directions!? And when the stars line up for surfers, this happens at the miles-long sandspit that is Barra.

The video below features a few clips shot by Lalaland Africa’s Chad Leavitt. Who never misses these swells. Luckily he lives there hey?

Anyway, a previous video I posted of Barra, created quite a scene way back when. It was actually one of my top-performing videos and many comments went along the lines of – “Hey man if you show people this stuff you gonna get crowds”. Type thing. I just have to laugh because even if you drop a few hundred good surfers on this miles long lineup, they will all get barrelled. And worked. It is a very difficult place to surf as it gets bigger. At 6 to 8 ft there are atom bombs exploding on the sand. The place has a current flying down it at a huge rate of knots. You can hardly walk in the shallows from it. Many of the waves closeout. It is such a long walk back to the top. Can take 20 minutes or more.

But it’s the manageable days that really count. When the sun is blazing. Blue Mozam skies. And it’s like 4 ft and everyone manages to get out. These are the days. Where on one of my many runs back up to the top, I pass surfers, my mates, lying in puddles of exhaustion. Moaning at their punishment. As perfect wave after perfect wave run by unchallenged by anyone. Yes Dave and Aladinho, I am talking about you guys!

Lalaland Africa

Chad Leavitt, who secreted these pics and video to us, runs the enchanted Lalaland, on the beach, across at Tofo. Where he has his very own set of waves, spread out in front of his place. They even have names! But if you get yourself all that way up there, get in touch and let’s see if we can get you into Lalaland. Very reasonable and really a perfect hideaway. With your very own waves!

You can find your way to Lalaland online on The Sardine News, under accommodation.

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