Story: The Master Watermen has arrived

Story: The Master Watermen has arrived

Ok, it is finally here! The Master Watermen project. A collaboration between Jason Heyne and The Sardine News, this is gonna one fun website and YouTube Channel.

It actually already is a fun website and a fun YouTube Channel. The website is pretty and neat, doesn’t try to do too much at these early times. Watch the space though. And the YouTube Channel, well, with 138 eager beaver Subscribers already cashing in on the FREE Channel and it’s video tutorials, all we can hope is that The Bear keeps up the relentless pace he has set already.

I mean, rescuing a turtle from an octopus stranglehold. And having another hitch a ride. For the fun of it! And all brilliantly captured underwater by Jason and his head cam. All capably edited into bite-sized chunks of action that will have your dreaming them at night.

Well, it is our second published ‘Story’ as it were, using Google’s new communication tool meant to take on the Tik Toks and Instas and the bunch.

And they really have been favouring us in the search ratings and content feeds. Our last story did phenomenally well, and you can expect more and more of this format as we get to know how to work the limited interface provided. This will surely improve!

So, click on over to…

The Master Watermen

and The Master Watermen YouTube Channel…you can watch right here…

The Master Watermen website and YouTube Channel love to feature stories like this. If you have a story, video or some pics, please consider sending it in to The Bear for consideration. He is on anytime!

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