STORY: January 2021 by The Sardine News

STORY: January 2021 by The Sardine News

And so we have a story. A web story! This new fangled format from Google is a go at TikTok and Instagram and Facebook and whoever else’s – stories!

Anyway, I gave it a go, and this months roundup, is included right here below, as our very first Google Web Story.

The publishing interface was clunky and boring but when the UI guys get their shit together, it will be easy enough to use. Just another damn editor to learn!

The format can take video and gifs and the like, but for our very first effort, we just highlighted our best stories from Jan (and a bot of Dec 2020), with stills, logos and captions. And hey! Guess what? It ain’t too bad as a first time result.

Give it a go right here…

Please let me know if it did not work too good for you – your feedback is invaluable, always.

A quick gallery for the search engines and in case the Story above did not work in your browser/device.

February prognosis

February will hopefully see less rain. BUT. And it’s a big but – it is still slap bang in the middle of cyclone season and ANYTHING can and happen.

However, with so much rain that we have had so far, we can look to February with hope that the month will be more useable and that the rain will slowly slow to a stop.

That all said, the winding east winds coupled with the winding current, kind of flies the brown water away in no time now. And so the blue water is not too far away at all.

The brown water line has been producing fish and will continue to be the place to hang out for boats and skis whilst the phenomenon prevails a while longer.

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