FishBazaruto 2020 Marlin Season Highlights

FishBazaruto 2020 Marlin Season Highlights

The FishBazaruto 2020 marlin season was made up of trips you count on your hands! We had so many cancellations!

But we are still here and good to go for 2021, you can see the updated special offers, package deals and other rates on the FishBaz website by clicking right HERE (opens in a new window).

And the highlights of the Fishbazaruto 2020 marlin season feature right here in this video! Yip, the camera was turned off stills and onto video for these spectacular and authentic marlin action shots.

And although the videos from Captain Duarte Rato and the crew up on Bazaruto Island and thereabouts a re threateennig to get longer, these short clips work just great for me!

Enjoy the picture show!

And then the gallery, of the best shots by Duarte and crew, during 2020. Lockdown and all!

And here it is…the very best of FishBazaruto 2020!

2021 Bookings are well open for and you would do yourself well by perusing their offerings for this year.

If you cant find anything there that suits you, then get in touch with us right here at The Sardine News, and we can set up exactly what it is that you require for your dream fishing holiday.

We are on YouTube right HERE, please dont forget to subscribe!

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