Tackling up for trophy estuary gamefish

Tackling up for trophy estuary gamefish

This video by MYDO Fishing Lures was shot down at the Umzimkulu Marina in Port Shepstone recently. Where trophy estuary gamefish swim!

The video goes through the various criteria and options to consider when tackling up to take on outsized trophy gamefish. Plus, you may hook a shark, or anything all sorts, that you need to be loaded properly for. The video does not discuss brands at all, they hardly get a mention. But rather the requirements for the various aspects as you go along.

Light tackle as it has evolved, has opened up new horizons of possibilities as we hunt these often elusive and hard-to-catch fish. And with braid and hard line guides and reel spools, comes the power. Now a 30lb spinning outfit kitted with a few hundred metres of braid, can take on just about anything and still be in with a chance. Put 50lb and the playing fields are levelled when chasing rock salmon aka mangrove jack in the channels.

However, all this power needs to be balanced and ready for all eventualities. Therefore hook choice and leaders are also explained and discussed in relative detail.

It has been a fun video to put together, and I sincerely hope you guys enjoy at least some parts of it. And subscribe to the ever-growing channel that is The Sardine News.

A big thank you to all my current subscribers, for the motivation to produce more content. Trying for three videos a week but hells bells these things can drag out and still somehow never seem finished! Never mind the dodgy internet down here in the river valley!

Receiving video footage from anglers like Andrew Olden, Chris Woodley and Dave Phillips to mention a few – really makes it more fun too. So if you have something interesting going on, please consider sending it in to be a part of The Sardine News.

Email me Sean on umzimkulu@gmail.com. Or message me, I am still on WhatsApp for now! +27793269671.

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