Video: Cobia hooks huge kayak angler off Umtentweni

Cobia hooks huge kayak angler off Umtentweni

In this video story- “Cobia hooks huge kayak angler off Umtentweni”, we don’t only have a good old gasp at the cobia aka prodigal son hooking out-sized kayak angler Andrew Olden, but it’s also an excellent example of a click bait title (for the marketers amongst us).

Except it’s not. The cobia did hook Andrew, right in the leg! Whilst fishing on his kayak, off Umtentweni on the KZN South Coast, on the 31 December 2020.

It’s a great video, that emphasises staying calm in an adverse situation. Even the cobia stayed calm. Thankfully, for as you saw when he finally saw the hatch, he remembered all his moves. As they do with these fish seemingly made from one single extremely strong muscle.

Cobia have been known to damage boats and injure people flat out.

Luckily Andrew has caught a few fish before and did I mention that he is a literal giant?

These fish hardly stood a chance!

Thank you very much, Andrew, for taking the time to get the footage and story to us! And for being the stuntman in this important movie on staying calm when things go bad out at sea.

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