MYDO Estuary Pack teardown and instructions

MYDO Estuary Pack Teardown and Instructions

The MYDO Estuary Pack – Estuary fishing with lures!

It certainly takes more time and effort, but an estuary gamefish on an artificial is one helluva achievement. It takes hours of casts, in the right place, waiting for the right time. Some gamefish are ambush predators that skulk in the thick trunks and tangles of mangroves and associates. Others lurk in the deeper channels, patrolling up and down like wolves in packs. Others congregate around sharp obstacles and structure. This is what you are up against.


When it all comes together as a square metre of surface water literally boils up into the air followed by a maroon red eruption of anger as your top water lure gets completely obliterated. Rock salmon!

Or when a shoal of greenspot kingfish literally fight over your lure right in the clean water and in front of your disbelieving eyes.

Well it’s these scenarios and more, that the MYDO Estuary Pack will prepare you for.


It comes with full instructions and a hotline to us here at MYDO.

Ok, the video…

The MYDO Estuary Pack instructions are filled with video explanations and representations like this one above.

You can buy the MYDO Estuary Pack from The Sardine News website online tackle store.

It is a very secure shopping system that does NOT require a credit card. Rather, you place you order, we send you an invoice, and you pay with an EFT on that. Too easy!

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