Definitely the first couta of the 2021 season

Definitely the first couta of the 2021 season

This fish is definitely the first couta of the 2021 season. It was actually caught in 2020.

This is Jonno Gouws. And he has definitely got the first couta of the 2021 season. In 2020!
This is Jonno Gouws. And he has definitely got the first couta of the 2021 season. In 2020!


And! There were two of them!

Kayak anglers Jonno Gouws and Justin Campbell eager to put their newly rigged skis to work launched at sparrows on the 27 of November this very 2020. After having some fun catching live bait, all hell broke loose on Jonnos ski.

Jonno was fishing fluorocarbon leader with a circle. He was not expecting a crocodile to come along a wolf his bait down literally immediately he put it out. In November!

But thats the way it went that spectacular morning for Jonno. With Justin watching from a fair distance – reporting that that Jonnos screams of elation at boating his fish could be heard in Durban!

And then un-unbelievably, as the brace of skis were swept south by the prevailing and rough east conditions – Justin’s live-bait got sharked. A hammer, which got his Mydo trace! All he had left then was a Mydo StripBaitSwimmer rigged with just a single hook. Justin chucked out his last live bait on the Snoek trace and kept paddling.

As he was about to pack it in – the current and wind had gotten these guys all the way down to Winkel – he called his girlfriend to come and get them.

Mid conversation…

His reel screamed!

And soon enough had an even bigger crocodile in the hatch of his ski!

These are two historic fish and will be very hard to beat regards being the first couta of the season each year.

Remember, remember, the 27th of November…

If you are keen, and would like some professionally made rigs and traces made up for especially, just like Jonno and Justin, then give me a buzz. I will make up a pack of exactly what you need for where you are going and the fish you are gonna be after.

This was an extremely enjoyable post to put together since I have known Justin Campbell since he was a kid and to see him and his mates excel at this level is inspiring.

And guess what! We got the whole story, all over again, in multimedia! Narrated by Justin and produced my The Sardine News!

Post by The Sardine News for MYDO Fishing and Lures.

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