Shopping online with the Fishing Pro Shop

Shopping online with the Fishing Pro Shop

Shopping online with the Fishing Pro Shop: The Batman Flu really actually got me shopping online. I first bought a solar panel. Then some motors. I ordered charge controllers. They all came to my gate!

Having had just completed the Fishing Pro Shop online store project – an e-commerce store carrying some of their huge range of stock – we were just in time for this consumer behavioural shift. People are buying online. A helluva lot! And it really was the Batman Flu that did it. Pushed many, many people over the line, and into cyber shopping.

But ok, for sure, the Fishing Pro Shop is a sterling example of a content driven website. The website is jam-packed with information!

Firstly, every product that features on the website, has a thorough accompanying review. Written by the ous!

Secondly, fishing news is ported in from The Sardine News, FishBazaruto, the Umzimkulu Marina and many more places in and around southern Africa.

You can spend hours and hours, days and days, on this website whilst absorbing quality fishing information that will help you improve and enjoy your time on the water more and more. However, if you are that guy that wants to talk face to face, the team at the Fishing Pro Shop in Graeme Rd, Pretoria, are standing by for a visit from you.

Or an email! is a direct line into the middle of the operation!

So, pop on over to and get yourself right into the mix.

Post by The Sardine News for Tiger Lily Consulting (Pty) Ltd who are online marketing specialists and can help you transition your show to cyberspace.

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